Artiste Sharon Chan (陳敏之) invites her colleagues as guests for chatting after setting up her own YouTube channel. In the latest video, she invited former Ms Hong Kong Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and described her first impression of her husband, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎).

Although Grace and Sharon seldom work together, but both were considered acquaintances during 2013 Ms Hong Kong Pageant. Grace said: “I grow up in Canada. Upon seeing TVB staff, I feel wow…… I finally got to see Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Sharon was applying makeup at the time.” Sharon exposed Grace suddenly ran over and greeted her while standing together with other contestants. She said: “Sharon, you are tall, skinny and gorgeous! I watched your drama, Can’t Buy Me Love (公主嫁到) and remembered the scenes.” Sharon said: “I know you are hot favourite. Rest assured I will vote for you and you will definitely win. At the time, I thought to myself that Grace was very smart, beautiful and intelligent. She is proactive, aggressive and will definitely survive in this industry.”

When Sharon asked if she ever thought Kevin would become her husband, Grace replied: “I feel my hubby is a handsome man but told myself not to pick a good looking guy when small, because of the poor sense of security and fierce competition. As for Kevin, I feel it is a stretch goal and my impression of him is based on his on-screen appearances. (Are you referring to the age?) Yes, but it does not matter.”

In addition, Grace described Kevin as a cool person and said: “I remembered I was shooting Overachievers (名門暗戰) drama while he was filming Eye in the Sky (天眼) series and kept walking around outside the studio room. Once, Kevin told me in a cool tone to thank him and I discover film producer Joe Chan (陳維冠) is his good friend. He told Joe to give me a chance to play the role as he could feel my passion and Joe decided to give me the main role in Raising the Bar (四個女仔三個BAR) drama. So it is because of Kevin.”

Finally, Grace disclosed Kevin became a changed man after turning into a daddy: “He dotes on his sons very much. He even told everyone that he served his sons like an emperor when their sons were two month old at the time.” Kevin is indeed a loving father.