In 2004, 37-year-old Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) joined TVB and was heavily groomed immediately after winning the Miss Chinese International. Other than filming countless of drama, she also started a singing career. After 11 years later, Linda tied the knot with chiropractor husband, Jeremy Leung and relocated to Canada. Subsequently, she gave birth to a baby boy and girl and focused on taking care of her family. Although Linda returns to Hong Kong for events occasionally, but we seldom get to see her on-screen appearances and her previous cameo appearance was Another Era (再創世紀) series in 2018. This time, Linda agreed to participate in Kids’ Lives Matter (星空下的仁醫) drama in Hong Kong for 5 months because of the role which made her felt touched. She said: “I felt strange upon hearing the plot and script as if I am connected to the role immediately. Perhaps after becoming a wife and mother, it makes me grow up and I believe I could handle the role well since it is about children. It is also my first time to play a strong and cool woman.”

When asked if she sought advice from Jeremy since shooting a medical series for the first time, Linda replied nope: “Because every doctor has different style and perspective when speaking and handling patients. However, I did ask him if clueless about their terminology. At the time, my husband totally supported me and reminded me to be myself and have fun. I also cried several times when in Hong Kong alone and missed my kids very much especially when they felt unwell. Thus, I kept encouraged myself to play the role well since my family was very supportive.”

After returning to Canada, Linda became a full time mother and handled everything related to her children personally: “I am not a very stern mother and usually interacts with them as a friend. I will encourage them to try everything but will remind them to be extra careful if it is dangerous.” She confessed she spent all her time with her kids and tended to neglect her husband, but both understood it was temporarily until they grew up: “Jeremy is a boring person who prefers to take actions. He will wash plates, give me massages and presents during special occasions. (Any thoughts for having another baby?) Yes, but it is tiring to take care of two children now. I feel very lucky as long as Jeremy treats me well and I get to see my children.”

Finally, mentioning that she stood a high chance to become TV Queen representing Kids’ Lives Matter (星空下的仁醫) drama, Linda emphasised she participated was because of her passion in acting and the role: “I even add in some dialogues, reactions and compose the song lyrics based on my experiences as a mother. What matters most is the audiences like it. As for winning an award, I leave it to destiny.”