Chinese reality show (導演請指教) invites 16 outstanding film directors and artistes. Recently, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) participates in the programme and shows her brilliant acting skills with simple dialogues which outshines her good friend, Nancy Wu (胡定欣).

Lately, both ate cart noodles and went for shopping together thereafter. In the latest episode, television director Wang Yichun (王一淳) chose a scene of a female owner who accused her maid stealing her money but turned out that she misplaced it in Chinese drama, Nothing But Thirty (三十而已). Subsequently, Wen Zhengrong (溫崢嶸), Zeng Li (曾黎) and Myolie recommended themselves, and Myolie played the owner while Zhengrong acted as the maid. Myolie used one second to focus on the scene quickly and scolded the maid, even after realising her mistake: “I reckon you will wash my clothes if I do not ask you about it. What happens if it is lost? You have the cheek to say me?” During the audition, Myolie showed her mean face in an aggressive tone which definitely exceeded Nancy in Sze U Tonight (今晚睇李).