The Battle at Lake Changjin (長津湖) film directed by Chen Kaige (陳凱歌), Tsui Hark (徐克) and Dante Lam (林超賢) premiered in Tsim Sha Tsui on 10th November. Niki Chow (周勵淇) was invited to the premiere and accepted an interview from HK01 (香港01): “I look forward to this movie for a long time. I discover EEG is one of the investors and could watch it first.”

Niki also read the reviews and preview clips online. In order to understand the history better, she made some preparations: “It is a big gap after all. I need to know the real history. The Battle at Lake Changjin film helps to increase my understanding about the history.”

When asked about her new movie, Niki replied the shooting would begin next week and playing a role that she never tried before: “Well, I am not telling you about my role yet. However, I am worried about jumping into water scene as the weather is turning cold now.”