Lisa Marie Tse (謝嘉怡) was crowned the champion in Ms Hong Kong Pageant 2020 and her sweet and straightforward personality won compliments from the netizens. In private, she loves to share many photos showing her natural beauty and realistic side. Earlier during the pageant, Lisa was pointed as the “fattest” Ms Hong Kong. A few days ago, she recorded a video and was aware of her flaws but felt very satisfied with her current condition. She also urged everyone to support and encourage each other.

Apparently, Lisa has been trying to handle her weight issue and practising her Cantonese since returning to Hong Kong for a year. She revealed her BMI belonged to a healthy range and might look fat on television, but not in reality. Lisa said: “What matters most is I feel happy. I am happy and have confidence in my image. This is the most important.”

Lisa added she loved to eat chocolate and potato chips but having fruits and vegetables at the same time, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She believed everyone should refrain from making comparisons about body figure: “We should support and encourage each other. A little big of additional weight could also become Ms Hong Kong as the definition of beauty is subjective.” Not long ago, she uploaded a video sharing 4 methods to maintaining a happy mindset and was aware of her weight issue. However, Lisa ignored it and pointed staying happy and having confidence was the most important.