On 15th November, Alice Chan (陳煒) was given a cake and bouquet of flowers as an advance birthday celebration when filming healthy product commercial at Kwun Tong. She hoped to stay young and healthy and felt happy to convey healthy message to the public. Alice also disclosed her new property brought good luck to her career: “Geomancer predicts that this mansion suits me and my manager told me I had two advertisement shoot and stage performance, after signing the papers. Hopefully this is only the beginning.”

Subsequently, Alice shared her health knowledge and preferred to cook bland food with less oil: “My boyfriend is a health conscious man anddoes not need to worry. We seldom eat outside and I will stretch my body and exercise whenever at home.”

When mentioned about Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) and she took over culinary show from Steve Lee (李家鼎) and competing against each other in Master Chef Challenge Working (教煮爭霸) programme, Alice praised Shaun was a good opponent: “We cannot participate in this show without real skills. He cooks Western cuisine while I focus on Chinese dishes and everyone gets to try different food. Steve is the judge and we will know our level.”

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