Chinese drama, Nothing But Thirty (三十而已) is a big hit and the filming for new series (今天的她們) starring Song Yi (宋軼), Li Chun (李純) and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) is currently commencing. Although Charmaine plays the second female lead, but her career woman role steals the limelight successfully. A few days ago, Li Chun shared her photo taken with Charmaine who appeared to look younger and had a flawless skin complexion. In addition, Charmaine has good acting skills and high facial attractiveness which defeat Song Yi and Li Chun completely.

In 2019, Joy of Life (慶餘年) drama starring Song Yi and Li Chun received excellent reviews and Song Yi is promoted to female lead this time. In My Heroic Husband (贅婿) series, Song Yi showed an outstanding performance while she acts as Li Chun’s good friend in the drama (今天的她們). Charmaine plays a female investor and fights together with both of them in careers and relationships.