On 27th November, Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) held the final session of his concert and his rumoured girlfriend, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) took her parent to support him on the first day. On 27th November, Sisley wore a cap to take photos of Hubert secretly and was shocked when the reporters recognised her. She then smiled and said: “Wow, you could even recognise me! You can take photos of me.”

After the performance, Sisley followed the guests to the back stage and Hubert hugged everybody after taking a group photo, except for placing his hand over Sisley’s shoulder only. During an interview, he admitted he lacked of experiences and hoped to prepare a sequel in a bigger venue. When mentioned about Sisley supported him for two consecutive nights, he said: “I did ask her if she needs to work and Sisley replied she had no idea. It is a surprise that she buys tickets to support me. (Her parent support you?) I know his parent like to watch concerts. (Love to look at you?) Watching the concert. Hopefully they will like me after the performances.”

Asking if his parent met Sisley’s family since watching his concert as well, Hubert said: “They are not sitting beside each other. (Sisley cried when you had tears on the stage?) I saw many people and they make me feel touched and full of warmth. (Sisley acts like a host?) We are very good friends.”

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