Chinese actor Zhou Jie (周杰) is best known for his role as Fu Erkang (爾康) in My Fair Princess (還珠格格) drama. A few days ago, his ex-girlfriend exposed him dumping her for not eating contraceptive pills and dating another woman thereafter. She also pointed he was a selfish man and it became a heated discussion.

On 11th December, Zhou Jie posted an online message: “My friends told me that the only solution is I admit I am a gay. Yes, I am.” He added a crying emoji and it looks like he feels helpless about the whole situation.

Subsequently, the netizens remarked that gay appeared different. Zhou Jie responded: “Oh my god! It is very obvious. Can’t you see it?” Some netizens also suspected someone might be interested in him. Zhou Jie said: “Of course. I am a gay.” However, the netizens felt his response was full of discrimination and subjective opinions.