Singer Wang Leehom’s (王力宏) father, Wang Ta-Chung (王大中) posted a message that Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) used her pregnancy to force her son to marry her at the time. He disclosed Leehom had a terrible marriage life. Subsequently, Jinglei forwarded Ta-Chung’s post and rebutted with a text from Leehom that he demanded a public apology and confessed it was a groundless accusation. He promised to give her a luxurious mansion if she agreed to it.

Jinglei said: “I feel very upset that you are not reflecting your mistakes and feeling sorry but protecting yourself again and trying to hurt me by getting your family and friends to make up stories. In the afternoon on 18th December, you sent me a text that you would give me the mansion if I admit I am delirious. You should know me well for many years and I will not simply give in because of money. If I choose to help you, it means I care about you too much. The most amusing part is I did consider about sacrificing myself in order to save your career and reputation (without any terms and conditions). After thinking about it, I decide to give up and you remain a selfish man, as you feel my image is not important at all. As usual, you continue to hide behind your family and friends to hurt me.”