New film, Love is Blind, Hate Too (致命24小時) starring Kathy Yuen (湯怡), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Poon Chan Leung (潘燦良), Jeana Ho (何珮瑜) will be premiering on 6th January 2022. Ron played an unfaithful married man and killed someone to save himself. He said: “The audiences might think I am a bad man but I have a different view though.”

Ron described his role was very fun and said: “In acting world, everyone including Kathy acting as my wife and Poon Leung looking fierce is selfish. Everyone has his/ her own perspective and I do not feel my role is an evil man. It is because of the environment and circumstance that cause him in this state.”

In the movie, Kathy and Ron were a loving couple on the surface but scheming and it became an out of control situation eventually. Perhaps everybody will ask me if similar situation will happen in real life after watching it. Honestly speaking, we must make the plot interesting in order to attract the audiences.”

Subsequently, Ron recalled of the invitation received by film director Patrick Kong and assumed it was romance theme initially. However, it turned out to be a thriller film and was a challenge: “Other than playing the role well, I need to have good stamina to handle action scenes such as Kathy and I were kidnapped. I feel grateful to Patrick for giving me this opportunity.”

As it was his first collaboration with Kathy and Chan Leung, Ron said: “Chan Leung is a veteran stage play actor and I feel relieved to work together with him. I believe we will establish good rapports as long as with 100% concentration. Kathy is a fast learner and smart actress.”

When mentioned about Kathy was required to shoot many abuse scenes in the movie, Ron felt totally impressed: “Kathy does not feel pain at all. Chan Leung really grabs her hair and throws her on the sofa. She ends up in real bruises. The abuse scene starts from Chan Leung pressing the doorbell onward and it takes 5 or 6 days to wrap up. It is very suffering for Kathy and I leave her alone so that she can cultivate her mood. Kathy focuses on the filming once the camera begins rolling and has outstanding performance.”