Earlier, 39-year-old Ali Lee (李佳芯) was voted by TVB staff that she was prettier in real person than on television. She looks younger and has good affinity with audiences all along. Recently, Ali plays a mother again in TVB new drama, A Kind of Good Man (有種好男人) and 23-year-old Ricco Ng (吳偉豪) acts as her son.

Ricco posted their photo and disclosed Ali was completely focused on her mother role: “Finally, I get to take photo with my “mother”! #poon choi #she loves me calling her “mum” In the photo, she appears very lively and gives a funny expression. Andrea So (蘇韻姿) said: “Hi auntie!”

Not long ago, Ali expressed she was not worried about playing similar roles: “Every mother role is different. Nowadays, many mothers and sons resemble siblings when going out together. Hence, I am not worried and could use a wide variety of methods to act. What matters most is bringing a new feeling to the audiences and myself.”

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