In recent years, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) focuses on developing her career in Mainland China and stays over there for a long period of time. Lately, she returns to Hong Kong and completes the quarantine period successfully. During the gathering with her good friends including Margaret Chung (鍾麗淇), Toby Leung (梁靖琪), Annie Man (文頌嫻), Yiu Sherming (姚樂怡), Janet Chow (周家蔚) and Angela Tong (湯盈盈), it is a surprise to see Alex Fong (方力申) and TVB general manager Eric Tsang (曾志偉) is present as well. Apparently, Charmaine and Eric are good friends and she also agrees to support her good friend, Spencer Leung’s (梁思浩) show.

In 2006 and 2014, Charmaine became TV Queen based on Maidens’ Vow (鳳凰四重奏) and Line Walker (使徒行者) drama. Ever wonder if she will be attending 2021 TVB Anniversary Awards (萬千星輝頒獎禮2021)?