A group of artistes compete their acting skills and fight to become best television director in Chinese reality show (導演請指教). Recently, a blizzard happened when Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen (陳妍希) and Zhu Zhixinn (朱志鑫) needed to film a scene in Last Sunrise (日出之後) film directed by Wang Yichun (王一淳). Despite wearing insufficient layers and freezing weather, Michelle continued the shooting and was considered a professional actress.

In Last Sunrise movie, Michelle played film director’s wife and bumped into Zhixinn as a server at the hotel. A murder happened as well. The location shooting was set with wind and snow all over the sky and it turned out to be Yichun’s last minute decision. During the filming progress for those 3 days, ablizzard occurred suddenly and Michelle had to continue the shooting despite wearing little layers in order not to delay the progress. It showed her smiles was stiff and she could only go into the tent to get some warmth after wrapping up the scene. Although Michelle participates in several variety shows, but it should be the most suffering experience for her this time.

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