The fifth wave of virus is happening in Hong Kong now. On 5th January 2022, Hong Kong government made announcement about social distancing measures which is effective from 7th January and it is lasted for 14 days. Hence, many major-scale events are cancelled and all restaurants must be closed by 6pm.

Newly crowned TV King Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) has brilliant acting skills and is famous for having good culinary skills based on Oppa’s Cuisine (男神廚房) show. Recently, his popularity boosts the sales revenue of his restaurant but it is believed the government’s new measures will cause an impact to his food business.

During an interview with HK01 (香港01), Shaun said: “It happens suddenly. Right now, we are having a meeting to discuss the next step. We feel grateful to have continuous bookings and lack of time for renovations as a result. We might take this opportunity to renovate the restaurant and introduce new dishes to everyone.”

As the government announced about the restaurants’ closure at 6pm for 14 days, Shaun replied they will monitor the situation: “I will know about the decision after having a meeting with shareholders. I believe it causes drastic impact to everybody and I must take care of my employees’ moods. Because of Oppa’s Cuisine show, we have many old customers and do not really worry about the sales revenue. Customers could have gatherings after it is reopen.”

In addition, Shaun disclosed the renovation expenses might cause 6 digit and denied about using this method to deal with the closure at night: “You cannot say it that way. Since the government chooses this way, I might as well renovate my restaurant. In fact, it is supposed to take place last year and I could take this chance to introduce new dishes as well.”