Earlier, Rosina Lam (林夏薇) defeated hot favourites, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Ali Lee (李佳芯) and became TV Queen in 2021 TVB Anniversary Awards (萬千星輝頒獎典禮2021). However, her winning has caused controversy.

After several days later, Rosina responded online: “From a minor role to gaining some recognition. I feel very honoured, happy and always remember it. I accept all supports, encouragements and criticisms. As spoken on the stage, it takes me 17 years and there is plenty of room for improvements.”

Rosina also disclosed she watched her thank-you speech on television: “I have deep passion in acting and will continue to work hard. I will show everyone I deserve Best Actress in a Leading Role (最佳女主角) Award. Thank you for the supports. Hopefully I will get to try different roles and produce better work in 2022.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20220108/1641621486117/%e6%9e%97%e5%a4%8f%e8%96%87%e9%96%8b%e8%85%94%e5%9b%9e%e6%87%89%e8%86%ba%e8%a6%96%e5%90%8e%e7%88%ad%e8%ad%b0-%e7%b9%bc%e7%ba%8c%e9%9e%ad%e7%ad%96%e8%87%aa%e5%b7%b1%e4%b8%8d%e8%be%9c%e8%b2%a0%e5%a5%b3%e4%b8%bb%e8%a7%92%e7%8d%8e