The finale for TVB drama, Used Good (異搜店) is airing soon. In the latest episode on 11th January, more information about the death of Matthew Ho’s (何廣沛) father was exposed and there was a fire in the shop because of Chan Wing Chun (陳榮竣) and Raymond Cho’s (曹永廉) negligence. Hence, both felt guilty and confessed to Matthew but Strawberry Yeung (楊玉梅) might be related to it as well.

Every cast team member performs very well in the series. Other than Yvonne Lam (林漪娸) crying beautifully, Raymond plays his role well. Many audiences also praise Strawberry has good acting skills.

As for Hera Chan (陳曉華), she plays the female lead and the audiences feel she is too perfect and obedient which restrict her acting skills. During an interview with HK01 (香港01), she said: “I am dissatisfied with my performance but it is an encouragement if the audiences are enjoying it. There are very unexpected events in last two episodes and it is very challenging. (A restriction in acting skills?) I believe we can develop every role but it depends on the script. Joey is a kind-hearted girl who loves gossips and it will be weird if she has a sharp tongue. I have black belt in Taekwondo and wish to become an action star. I want to look strong yet gentle at the same time.”

Finally, veteran actress Yvonne compliments Hera’s performance: “It is her second drama and she is okay. After all, we need experiences and you could see her improvements after that. It is good to have expectations and one must have improvements in order to perform better. Anyway, Hera is still a newcomer and needs to work harder.”