After tying the knot with businessman, Jason Lee (李梓慎) in 2012, 45-year-old Annie Man (文頌嫻) reduces her on-screen appearances and focuses on taking care of her family. After 8 years later, she participated in ViuTV drama, Warriors Within (打天下) and won compliments for her acting skills. Despite her passion in acting, Annie emphasised her family was her top priority.

A few days ago, she uploaded her new photo in short hairstyle and disclosed she was currently filming new series via Instagram: “#I am an actress #lunch boxes #waiting for…… me”

Apparently, Annie is well-known for her ancient look in TVB drama, The Legendary Four Aces (金裝四大才子), Whatever It Takes (天子尋龍), Perish in the Name of Love (帝女花) and A Pillow Case of Mystery (施公奇案). After leaving TVB in 2005, she focused on her career in Mainland China and settled down in 2012. Although Jason is rumoured to have financial difficulties in his company in 2016, but Annie dismissed it on his behalf and has been enjoying a blissful family life until now.

In 2019, Annie was invited to ViuTV show, Dine-alogue (友枱VIP) together with Toby Leung (梁靖琪) and Yiu Sherming (姚樂怡) as guests to support her good friend aka host, Janet Chow (周家蔚). Subsequently, she filmed Warriors Within series with Stephen Au (歐錦棠), after the collaboration in Burning Flames II (烈火雄心II) drama. Hence, many fans are looking forward to her new series.