Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) hosts food reality show, The Taste of the People (百姓的味道). In the latest episode, he invited Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) as a guest and both looked for delicious food together at Chaoshan. As she comes from Chaozhou, it is Miriam’s second time to return to her hometown.

In 2019, Miriam held her world tour concert at Chaozhou and could not try delicious food because of her work. She said: “Thank you Nicholas for the invitation. I could return to my hometown again. In the past, my granny wished I could come back to pray to my ancestors and visit my relatives. It is a regret that I fail to fulfil her wish. Thus, this shooting is very meaningful and I get to witness my father’s childhood.”

Through the crew team’s arrangement, Miriam gets to pray to her ancestors and visit her granny and father’s places which increase her understanding. Other than introducing delicious food, she walks around slowly and experiences her hometown life. Miriam also makes beef balls, rice cakes and marinated goose. She said: “My granny used to cook such dishes but the skill has not been passed down long ago. Thus, I will try to make for my family if possible.”