In recent years, Samantha Ko (高海寧) is promoted to “A” grade actress in TVB. Since 2020, TVB had been broadcasting her drama including Death by Zero (殺手), On-Lie Game (迷網), AI Cappuccino (反黑路人甲) and Go! Go! Go! Operation C9 (C9特工) to boost her popularity.

However, Samantha is pointed to feel disappointed after losing Most Popular Female Character (最受歡迎電視女角色) Award and TV Queen 2 years ago. As Chinese series, Nothing But Thirty (三十而已) increases her fame, Samantha might not renew contract with TVB and join Shaw Brothers Studio since earning 7 digit in Mainland China within 3 months. Both parties are continuing the negotiation and TVB arranged her to participate in Chinese variety show (搵真銀), in order to retain her.

During an interview with the media, Samantha disclosed she had not begun the negotiation with the company officially and hope to have more freedom and opportunities. She also maintained a good relationship with TVB and did not have further thoughts.