Lisa Marie Tse (謝嘉怡) is the winner in 2020 Ms Hong Kong Pageant and the public love her straightforward personality. A few days ago, she recorded a video on YouTube and replied to the netizens’ questions.

In the video, Lisa disclosed her favourite place is Lantau Island in Hong Kong and looking at the sea makes her feel very comfortable. When asked about learning Cantonese even growing up in Scotland, she explained her granny took care of her over there and needed to learn Cantonese, in order to communicate with her auntie and granny: “I feel my appearance resembles my mother but have similar character as my father. I reckon I am as caring as my mummy but look like my daddy in other aspects. I choose to become a nurse as love to teach and take care of others.”

Finally, many netizens praised Lisa was kind-hearted, beautiful and her Cantonese had improved. They said: “Wow, you could even speak while driving! Drive slowly.”