In recent years, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) sets up her YouTube Channel and has 100,000 followers within a year. She uploads different video and the latest shares about her positive energy. Linda explained many fans loved to listen to her positive mindset and said: “I hope everyone will learn to appreciate your own strength instead of thinking about your flaws only. You must learn to love yourself and how many people manage to do it?”

Linda also talked about the letters written by her family, friends and loved ones that gave her positive energy. She disclosed that it had been 10 years since she opened the letters and recording the video reminded her of the encouragements for the past few years. Apparent, Linda has an elder sister and brother and reading their letters made her cry. She said: “I joined the industry on 22nd July 2004 and it is a magical feeling that they wrote letters to me. My brother said he did not see me for a long time and hoped I would have a good time in Hong Kong. He felt very upset when I went to Hong Kong on that day. My sister knew my talents and will do better over there. He did not want me to leave as I was very special and many people liked and admired me.”

After that, Linda begun to cry and continue: “You must realise earning a living is not easy. Be careful of strangers and eat more fruits, vegetables and drink fluid and milk. Remember to exercise frequently. Well, I do not really agree drinking milk and eating less meat but it is so sweet.”

Many netizens felt envy of Linda having a caring brother and she proceeded to open the letter from her husband. She said: “I feel very lucky whenever waking up every morning. You make me feel I am the most fortunate person in this world. Thank you my hubby. I am practising to become a better person. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Finally, Linda gave her conclusion: “Life is indeed not easy. Despite earthquakes and stormy weather, I believe rainbow will appear and we must cherish ourselves.”