Lisa Marie Tse (謝嘉怡) is the winner in 2020 Ms Hong Kong Pageant and has good affinity with the netizens. Other than working, she seldom applies makeup and shows her natural beauty. A few days ago, Lisa invited her KOL friend, Pumpkin Jenn to help her apply makeup and uploaded the video on YouTube.

Pumpkin Jenn said: “We know that Lisa is clueless in cosmetic.” Lisa said: “Yes, it is correct.” Pumpkin Jenn continued: “She does not even apply skincare products but I think Lisa is already beautiful.” In the beginning, she demonstrated on one side of Lisa’s face and Lisa tried the remaining half by herself. Pumpkin Jenn pointed she had a small face and had dry skin but used little serum which was sufficient. Despite 3 steps, Lisa lamented it was confusing and asked questions about every step.

Subsequently, Pumpkin Jenn completed half of Lisa’s face quickly and Lisa finally finished the application on another side of her face after putting in efforts. As there was little differences, Pumpkin Jenn was impressed with her skills.