Lately, Ali Lee (李佳芯) and wealthy businessman Mark Chan (陳恩德) are pointed to have an underground romance for a year and many photos went viral. On 25th January, Ali dismissed it and emphasised there was no room for developments.

On the following day, she was supposed to attend a press conference but was replaced by Jacky Chai (蔡潔), Louise Wong (王丹妮) and her husband, Sheldon Lo (羅孝勇) instead. Mark said during an interview: “Ali’s manager has a special request and we cannot take photo and accept interview together. We must also keep a distance from each other in group photo. From a company’s perspective, it is rude and considered an unreasonable request. Why does she have this request suddenly? I am not the one speaking to her manager and decide to text Ali directly. I ask her if she is the one making this request and ignores me until now.”

When asked if it made their relationship worse, Mark responded: “She did reply me and it is a private conversation. Ali explained it was the company’s decision and I told her manager it was unnecessary. It is not Ali’s problem but showing mutual respect is important. For example, we need to introduce and take photos in this event. Honestly speaking, I dislike taking photographs. Hence, we decided that Ali did not need to turn up and wrote a complaint letter to TVB as well as cancelling all advertisements. I feel they are insulting me despite spending huge amounts on commercials every year. (Did they explain to you?) I am waiting for Ms Virginia Lok’s (樂易玲) response.”

At the point, Mark’s lawyer said: “My boss has mentioned that we have issued a complaint letter to TVB. Hopefully it will resolve quickly.”

Checking if he was wooing or keeping in contact with Ali, Mark said: “I have no answer to personal affair. As it is business, I will answer once. Many people asked me about Ali’s absence so I decided to make an explanation. (Wooing Ali?) She is my good friend and I will continue to send NFT to her. I leave it to Ali and do not mind her response. Okay? We are friends and she does not need to tell me anything. (Other than NFT, are you paying her a remuneration?) Nope. We make payment to TVB and not her.” When questioned if he planned to sue Ali, Mark’s lawyer interrupted again: “We handle the issue by letters only.”

When mentioned if he will draw a separate line with Ali, Mark continued: “As I said before, it does not matter what she wants to say. It is my principle and she is a good person. Please refrain from hurting her.”

In addition, Ms Lok responded to the media on 26th January: “TVB artistes such as Joey Thye (戴祖儀), Jacky and Sheldon are present at the press release for Pet Paws at The Mira Hong Kong. We always maintain good relationship with advertisement clients. According to the news source, many artistes turn up and it is a lively atmosphere. As for stage performances other than work, it is the manager’s responsibility to protect and respect the artiste’s decision.”