In last November, TV Queen Ali Lee (李佳芯) dismissed about the rumoured romance with a man named Mark (陳恩德): “Mark and I are business partners. It is a simple meeting. Please stop circulating the gossips. Thank you.”

According to a news source on 25th January, Ali and Mark are pointed to have an underground romance and their photos went viral online. When asked about their relationship, Mark replied: “We are good friends.”

Upon checking with Ali, she clarified she knew Mark through her colleague in mid August 2019: “Mark develops new products and plans to work with different artistes. At the time, he was liaising a slimming coffee product advertisement and it was our first meeting together with other staff in a work studio at Causeway Bay. After several meetings, we failed to reach an agreement and did not continue the negotiation.

Subsequently, he invited me to participate in pets plan but my cat passed away so it was a failure again. Mark then approached me to sing at a charity as guest performer but I rejected it as lacked of confidence.

Yes, I confessed I had several meetings with Mark but it was related to business only. In end 2021, I contacted Mark on the phone because of a mini movie and we discussed about the movie details in end October. We did not meet up again in order to avoid rumours.

Hence, Mark and I meet up for work every time since 2020 and there is no room for developments.”