On 25th January, Dickson Yu (余德丞), Karl Ting (丁子朗), Joey Thye (戴祖儀) and Kelly Ng (伍樂怡) were at a promotion event for Freedom Memories (青春不要臉) drama. Joey and Karl expressed they felt stressful after their kissing scenes were broadcasted. Karl said: “The netizens told me to return Joey to them.” She said: “The netizens told me to let go of him.”

When asked if he had feelings for Joey in real life after thanking her for the trust, Karl smiled and said: “Yes, at the set. It is very sweet.” She praised he was a good man and Jinny Ng (吳若希) treated him as her son-in-law. Karl said: “I always call Jinny as my mother-in-law as she always cooks dishes and boils soup for me. Her daughter, Giselle is 4 year old and will go to bed only after visiting them. Hopefully she will remember me after growing up.” Joey pointed Ginselle would call him uncle after 20 years later.

Mentioning that the netizens remarked Joey’s face was bigger than a cake, she replied she was used to it: “I join the industry for 3 years and should feel happy that the only criticism is about my face. I am trying to lose weight in a new drama now.”

As for Dickson, he played Tiffany Lau’s (劉穎鏇) boyfriend and both were a romantic couple. When compared against Karl and Joey, Dickson confessed he might not achieve that passionate effect as he had a simple love perspective in real life.

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