Eliza Sam (岑麗香) and Tommy Chu (朱栢康) play a married couple in mini movie (滙豐卓越理財) for the first time. In the film, she is pregnant and he shows her concern as her husband. As Eliza gets her dream job as fashion editor, Tommy is forced to resign from his job since having difficulty to manage her family and career at the same time and allowing her to pursue her dream.

In real life, Eliza has a good husband and blissful family. At the set, she gets along with child actor and confessed it changed her life after becoming a mother.She said: “Taking care of kids is a knowledge and we need to learn and get used to it. It is the same as a mother in advertisement.”

Although her family is her top priority, but Eliza continues to have deep passion in her acting career and able to have full focus because of her husband’s support. She said her dialogue to Tommy: “Please do not worry. Leave the family to us.” It reminded Eliza of her hubby encouraging and supporting her after her pregnancy at the time and felt grateful to have an understanding partner.

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