Not long ago, Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) expressed he tried to spend time with his expecting wife, Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) at home during the pre-shooting ceremony of new drama, “Qinggong” (輕‧功). Because of the pandemic, he seldom went out and would disinfect himself after returning home.

When mentioned about becoming a father, Fred confessed he felt excited yet nervous and Stephanie kept writing songs for their newborn baby since pursuing a music course now. He said: “I chat with my son and play song for him to listen every night. Our son will start to kick especially when listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (莫札特) and The Lion King (獅子王) music, but not much reaction when listing to my song, Surrender (投降吧). However, Stephanie wants him to listen and learn to sing this song.”

Fred also disclosed Stephanie loved to eat sweet stuff after pregnant: “The bed resembles a convenience store and has biscuits, potato chips and frizzy drinks. I told her to drink soup instead but she said she wanted to eat fries in fast food restaurant instead. The series should wrap up by May and I will be accompanying her since the estimated date of delivery is in June.”