Recently, Modern Dynasty (家族榮耀) drama starring Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯), Him Law (羅子溢), Julian Cheung (張智霖), Rain Li (李彩華), Lynn Hung (熊黛林) and Raymond Wong (黃浩然) is broadcasting in Mainland China. The rivalries, extra-martial affairs and fighting over family assets in Ma family is an intense and exciting plot. A few days ago, Julian, Him, Raymond and Rain shared interesting incidents on live broadcast via Weibo.

Tavia and Him are a married couple in real life but Raymond and Rain played their married partners in Modern Dynasty series. As the story progresses, more intimate and kissing scenes are revealed. When Julian exposed there was little kissing scenes initially, Rain pointed Him was the one who requested to add in the scenes.” Him then clarified that it was necessary in the plot: “I monitor the relationship when watching similar drama. As her husband, it is normal to kiss her forehead, cheek and mouth which mean love. Because I love Rain as stated in the script, there is nothing wrong that I want to kiss her all the time.”

Other than kissing scenes with Raymond, Tavia also had several intimate scenes with Julian and slept with him before her marriage. Both kissed and turned around 8 times from entering her house to bedroom. They developed an extra-marital affair and had bed scenes.

In addition, Tavia said to her on-screen husband, Raymond in a preview clip earlier: “Hubby, do you want me to give you a kiss on behalf of your wife?” He nodded and she kissed his cheek and Raymond returned the kiss as well. However, Him was present at the set and felt jealous and kissed Tavia immediately. It became an amusing scene.