Newly crowned TV King and TV Queen Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) and Rosina Lam (林夏薇) wished all Ming Pao (明報) readers a happy new year. When mentioned about the customs, he was more conservative than her and must take a shower on new year eve as it was considered unlucky to wash hair and take a shower on day 1 of lunar new year. Shaun said: “I miss my granny’s chicken soup and will drink it for a week and . Right now, I will cook other dishes.”

Shaun disclosed his wish becoming TV King was granted: “2nd January was a special day to me as it marked my wedding anniversary and winning an award. Hence, I went to the temple to express my gratitude to the god and pray for good health and smooth life. (Any targets in new year? Wish to become TV King again?) I feel family unity is an award as house harmony is the most important. My relationship with my parents are improving and we begin to show concern for each other. It is the best prize and I plan to cook for them during new year. I am taking it easy and will continue to perform every role well. I will try to get along with my staff and help to cook and wash dishes. I describe myself as a “caring” TV King.”

As for Rosina, she pointed bagging an award was a good beginning and intended to focus on her career: “I will place my baby plan aside first. 2021 was a special year and I got to try different roles. I love it and feel happy to get the recognition from the audiences.”

Because of the pandemic and busy with TVB new drama, Legal Spokesperson (法言人) which should be wrapping up in mid March, the celebration was postponed. When asked if any rewards from her husband, Rosina said: “He felt very touched and had tears upon seeing me getting the award on the stage. He makes lots of sacrifices and supports my job totally. (Show your achievement to your mother?) My mother disagrees with my acting career and pours cold water frequently, but she feels emotional once knowing the good news on the phone.”