Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) had been working continuously last year and could finally take a break during lunar new year in 2022. She said excitedly: “Happy Chinese new year! Everyone wishes to celebrate with his/her family. I return to Hong Kong in January and it is a pity that I cannot meet up with my friends because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, I feel happy and my mother keeps making dishes and boiling soup for me. I reckon I gain around 2 to 3 pound weight.”

In recent years, Charmaine has a smooth career but a dry love life. When asked if she wished to have love luck this year, Charmaine replied: “Yes, but I leave it to destiny. I am an adult and know what I want. I do not mind if he is a talented man and has the same mindset as me. I will not settle down simply because of the age. I believe we will grow old together as long as admiring and learning from each other. Anyway, life is unpredictable especially because of the pandemic. It is best to live life to the fullest and cherish every moment.”

Checking about her work plan, Charmaine replied the filming for new drama (今天的她們) was wrapped up and confessed she missed the audiences in Hong Kong: “I might shoot the series in Hong Kong depending on the script. Hopefully the pandemic will be over soon and I get to do my favourite stuff.”