Roger Kwok (郭晉安) and Alice Chan (陳煒) play the leads in TVB new drama (回歸). At the pre-shooting ceremony on 4th February, she said: “The plot illustrates about the incidents such as SARS and financial crisis in Hong Kong 25 years ago. We face it together and it reminds us of the old memories.”

This time, Roger acts as a practical person and owner of a restaurant. He said: “I love such roles very much but it is not easy though. Thus, I need to prepare my homework well.”

When mentioned about TVB planned to groom Alice as TV Queen through this series, she replied she was aware of it: “Honestly speaking, I work for TVB for 10 years after this February. Thank you television producer and arranging a good film partner, Roger. It motivates me to work harder. I am currently focusing on my career and might register my marriage online first.”