Earlier, Ali Lee (李佳芯) is surrounded by endless gossips and draws a separate line from wealthy businessman Mark Chan (陳恩德). She emphasised there was no chances of developments and Mark decided to stop all his advertisements in TVB, because of the unreasonable request at the event not long ago. Subsequently, Ali is rumoured to date Crystal Fung’s (馮盈盈) old love, Leonard Cheng (鄭衍峰) and both parties dismissed it immediately.

After several days later, Ali uploaded her new photo and it seemed that she begun to feel better. She posted an online message: “Hope everyone will smile from ear to ear!” Ali also shared another photo in floral dress revealing her beautiful legs and won compliments from the netizens: “Ali Lee is a “goddess” forever!”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20220205/1644074342386/%e6%9d%8e%e4%bd%b3%e8%8a%af%e5%bf%83%e6%83%85%e5%a5%bd%e6%9b%ac%e9%9d%9a%e7%9b%b8-%e7%b6%b2%e6%b0%91%e8%ae%9a%e3%80%8c%e5%a5%b3%e7%a5%9e%e4%b8%96%e4%b8%80%e3%80%8d