Rosina Lam (林夏薇) became TV Queen based on Battle of the Seven Sisters (七公主) drama in January. Earlier, she was reminded of her old working days as an “extra” during an interview in Star Talk show. Rosina disclosed she played one of the contestants in Chinese drama, Cell Phone (手機) and Chen Daoming (陳道明) was the lead actor.

Rosina said: “At the time, I was standing on the stage while Mr Chen was below the stage. When the camera focused on him, I remained on the stage and gave “A,B,C” reaction when other “extra” left. He praised I was very professional and should have a chance to speak the dialogues since very young. Thus, he added scenes for me and taught me personally. I understand everyone will see our effort regardless of the role and we should remain professional even when the camera is not shooting us.” She begun to have tears in the middle of the interview.

When mentioned about becoming TV Queen which caused controversy, Rosina replied: “Winning an award represents a good beginning and is a form of encouragement and recognition. It gives me motivation to work harder and I feel very touched upon receiving many wishes and winning the award on that night. However, several friends are worried about me and I reacted that way due to handling several issues at that moment.”