Chinese star Yang Mi (楊冪) is not only a child actor but has another identity. During an interview earlier, she was asked a question about her first on-screen appearance: “Who is the lucky person?” Yang Mi replied: “Stephen Chow (周星馳).” It surprised the host and she explained she was casted in one scene with Stephen in King of Beggars (武狀元蘇乞兒) film when she was 5 year old.

Apparently, several netizens noticed Yang Mi in that movie and praised she was a pretty girl. However, some remarked that she pretended about forgetting to participate in the film during a previous interview. Yang Mi said at the time: “Yes, I feel that girl looks like me in King of Beggars movie and realised I was that child actor, after calling my mother.”

Subsequently, the netizens criticised Yang Mi that she was ungrateful after becoming famous but some defended her that it was normal to forget certain incidents when small.