Chinese variety show, Braving Life (我們的滾燙人生) receives excellent reviews and the latest episode discussed about legal aid. During the discussion. Jordan Chan (陳小春) felt shocked upon realising it was illegal to look at the partner’s mobile phone secretly. Hence, many netizens suspected his wife, Cherrie Ying (應采兒) might check his mobile phone without his permission frequently.

Chinese singer Hu Haiquan (胡海泉) asked the lawyer: “Is it illegal if my wife looks at my mobile phone secretly?” The lawyer replied: “Yes, it is considered illegal as everyone has his/her own privacy. Although she is your wife, but still have to show mutual respect.” Everyone was shocked and Jordan said out of curiosity: “So it might be illegal if my wife looks at my mobile phone?” Immediately, everybody told him that it was illegal if without his approval. He then smiled and Julian Cheung (張智霖) said to him: “Feeling relieved now.” Everyone laughed instantly.

As such, the netizens suspected Cherrie might look at Jordan’s mobile phone all the time and he would know how to handle since knowing it was illegal. It was indeed an amusing scene.