Previously, Michelle Ye (葉璇) received an invitation from Sir Run Run Shaw (邵逸夫) to join TVB and started her acting career. She is known as “ancient beauty” (古典美人) and looked elegant in period drama such as Eternal Happiness (再生緣), Lofty Waters Verdant Bow (雲海玉弓緣) and Lost in the Chamber of Love (西廂奇緣). In recent years, 41-year-old Michelle shifts her career focus to Mainland China and appears younger than her actual age. However on Weibo, her latest photo goes viral and the netizens pointed Michelle looks different and loses the title, “ancient beauty”.

In the photo, Michelle has a pair of big eyes and her apple cheeks are obvious. She also has a sharp chin and said in a happy mood: “Feeling happy during a business trip!” Although Michelle appears young, but she seems to lose her beauty and it is uncertain if it is because of the filtering.

In fact prior to uploading that photo, Michelle did share her selfie and look natural. She remains beautiful but the latest photo shows a drastic difference.