Chinese actress Wu Jinyan (吳謹言) gains fame based on Chinese drama, Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略). In the series, Xu Kai (許凱) and she had a sad ending but play a couple again in new drama, Royal Feast (尚食). The plot illustrates about food department in Ming dynasty which reminds us of South Korean series, Dae Jang Geum (大長今). As for whether Jinyan will perform better than Lee Young Ae (李英愛), it depends on the audiences’ reviews.

In Royal Feast drama, Jinyan comes from Jiangnan and falls in love with Xu Kai at first sight and his parents are farmers. She decides to leave home, learn culinary skills and work in a palace which are full of rivalries and politics. However, Jinyan overcomes all obstacles successfully and manages to become the queen.

Other than a similar plot to Dae Jang Geum series, it seems to resemble Story of Yanxi Palace drama which focuses on young girls entering into palace and full of politics. In addition, Jinyan has daring performances and passionate kissing scene with Xu Kai, and it exceeds the limit when compared to Story of Yanxi Palace series. With Xu Kai and Jinyan as leading actor and actress and exciting plot, it is definitely worth to watch.