In recent years, Sarah Song (宋熙年) and Jason Chan (陳智燊) transform into YouTuber and record video to share their marriage life frequently. Lately, they have a question and answer section with the netizens and answer it daringly.

First, the netizen asked Jason about the most beautiful female artiste whom he worked with other than his wife and he answered: “Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶) played my wife in my first drama. She is quite pretty.” Sarah agreed with him. He disclosed the first female singer that he worked with was Kary Ng (吳雨霏) in a MV and praised Annie Liu (劉心悠) was gorgeous, despite both did not collaborate before. As for Sarah, she complimented Chris Hemsworth who acted as Thor in Marvel films was very handsome and Jason was forced to admit defeat.

Next asking about the unforgettable kissing scene, Jason recalled he gave his first on-screen kiss to Lily Ho (何天兒): “Because I felt extremely nervous and it made me uncomfortable. I was totally clueless.” Sarah made fun of him that it became an open secret: “Everyone knew about it as the cameraman told me it was obvious that you were very nervous. At the time, we were good friends and had not became a couple yet.”

When the netizen asked about premarital sex, Jason and Sarah replied it was normal but must be a serious relationship. Sarah believed it was alright as long as that person was the right one and both parties made safety precautions. Jason said: “Any timing is good as long as he/she is the right person. It is normal even when both parties have no intention to settle down.” Sarah could not stop laughing after that.