On 3rd March, 27-year-old Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) announced she broke up with her boyfriend, Anthony after dating for more than 3 years. She suspected he cheated on her and stopped following him on his social media account. For the past consecutive days, Ka Man posted emotional messages: “Final dinner. Ending.” Upon replying to the media, Ka Man requested for additional time. In her latest update, she uploaded her photo revealing her back view with short hair and said: “We used to be very close. Why do we end up as strangers now?” It shows that she is hurt in her relationship.

Apparently, it is not the first time that Ka Man meets guys cheating behind her back. During TVB show, Please Mind The Gap (代溝關注組) in 2021, she disclosed she was cheated twice: “My first ex-boyfriend dated my good friend behind my back when I was 18 year old. They behaved intimately at my party and it made me felt furious. As for my second ex-boyfriend, he loved to date models, Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and artistes during our relationship. I even had dinner with that female artiste and only realised it after that. Hence, the whole bed was dirty. I called his mother thereafter and she asked me in return that I might fail to satisfy him. Otherwise, he will not know another girl. I was extremely mad.”

In addition, she was interested in a guy and it turned out that he tied the knot with another woman. In the programme (諸朋戀友) last month, Ka Man said: “I gave him time to quit smoking and he finally stopped after a year. We had dinner together and he gave me a wedding invitation card instead. He explained he quitted smoking because of his wife’s influence. At the time, I really liked him very much.”

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