In 2019, Raymond Lam (林峯) and Chinese model Carina Zhang (張馨月) were married and have a daughter named Luna after the marriage. When mentioned about the change in identity which changed his life perspective, he confessed he forgot about the stress once seeing his family at home and it gave him motivation to focus on his career.

Raymond expressed it was normal for every married couple to have arguments and it would be resolved after the compromise: “We love each other and the family is the most important.”

Stating about his 6 month old daughter, Raymond smiled immediately and felt her birth was unreal and he needed to work at the same time. He said: “She is turning one year old soon and keeps calling me “daddy”. I feel contented that Luna is very clingy towards me. (Is your wife jealous?) Nope. I keep telling Luna that she is number two as she will not be here without her mummy.”

Asking about Luna’s appearance, Raymond clarified it was not protection but unnecessary as he drew a separate line between work and personal life: “I might consider to make an on-screen appearance together with Luna in the future though.”

Raymond added Luna inherited their acting genes and loved to dance. Checking if he would groom her in this area, Raymond said: “Not really. It depends on her interest. (Are you a “paranoid” father?) Yes, mentally but not in actions. I wish she will learn to be independent and could guide her as her daddy. It is her life after all. It is our wish to have another child and let nature take its course.”