On 8th March, 45-year-old Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) announced she married her old flame, DJ Koo (具俊曄) who is currently 52 year old and a South Korean disc jockey and singer. She posted an online message: “Life is unpredictable. I cherish the happiness. Thank you for letting me for becoming who I am slowly.” Barbie also called DJ Koo as “Oppa”. When replying to Taiwanese media, she confirmed she would not hold a wedding banquet and have another baby again.

Asking about her second marriage, Barbie explained they could not see each other because of the pandemic and had to rely on video chat in in English and Korean languages. Hence, they decided to get married.

Barbie disclosed she knew DJ Koo when she was around 20 to 22 year old but their relationship failed to blossom: “It was an important romance. It makes us cherish each other and I feel grateful for having the courage to pursue this love.”

In fact, her second marriage news delivers a shock to the whole world. Based on the information, Barbie’s family was unaware of it and her younger sister, Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) revealed their mother was furious. Barbie did not intend to announce the news to the public and decided to share the joy, after the encouragements from her relatives and friends. Dee gave her blessings to her and rejected to reply about other matters.

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