According to a recent news source, some netizen recalled an encounter of Oscar Leung (梁競徽) treating the server rudely 4 years ago. At the time, the netizen worked as a server at a hotel and Oscar wanted to view the ballroom around 8.30pm, but failed to make a reservation and there was an ongoing event as well. Hence, he demanded to see the manager and the server asked his name. Oscar said: “It is me! You…… Your manager should know me.” The netizen disclosed the manager was a foreigner and Oscar replied thank you and left immediately, after listening to his explanation. Several netizens pointed Oscar was rude and some reckoned it might be gossips.

On 3rd March, Oscar responded on Weibo: “This news article ~ This reporter~ So funny~ It is totally fake news! Yet, he is afraid and added that it might not be real. Such despicable method actually exists~ Yes, entertainment news is important but it must be genuine too. Please double check next time! Although my English level is not high, but I will not pronounce the word, “ballroom” wrongly. In addition, I do not need to handle the matter at the hotel personally. You are not attacking me but yourself. Please turn over a new leaf.”