Although Gigi Lai (黎姿) withdraws from show business for many years, but her past roles leave a deep impression to the public. A few days ago, she shared many photos revealing her elegance: “I am considered a curious and daring person who dares to try new challenges. Yes, I would love to try it if given an opportunity and should come out from my comfort zone. I might not grab every chance but it will be successful as long as I have passion. What makes me happy is that I get to share my passion with everybody.”

Gigi also recorded video and confessed she missed acting and thought of a different acting method whenever watching dramas and movies. However, filming was extremely difficult especially wearing thin and thick costumes during winter and summer seasons. She recalled she shot War and Beauty (金枝慾孽) series under -10 degree Celsius in Beijing but the scene illustrated it was summer and all consorts had to wear thin layers. Gigi said: “The scene required Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and I had to fan ourselves as the weather was very hot, but it was very cold deep in our hearts. As there was cold air when we spoke, television director ordered us to drink a glass of cold water and it was extremely suffering. Despite that, I do have happy memories.”