Him Law’s (羅子溢) wife, Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯) makes an on-screen comeback shortly after giving birth to a daughter and a son. She played the female lead in Modern Dynasty (家族榮耀) drama and her brilliant acting skills reminds us of her villain role in Beyond the Realm of Conscience (宮心計) series. In Modern Dynasty drama, Tavia looks young and fit which make everyone feel envy of her.

In an episode aired on 7th March, Tavia wore tight-fitting yoga attire and appeared slim, despite some fats on her bottom and thighs. When compared to Rain Li (李彩華), Tavia looks equally fit even after becoming a mother.

Rain wore a sexy and tight-fitting yoga revealing her good body figure. In real life, she does yoga for many years and shares countless of photos doing aerial yoga and difficult postures. In the drama, Rain does yoga easily and has a firm bottom. Perhaps it is because she has been doing water sports activities such as wakesurfing. However, Rain looks more fleshy in reality before the social media edits her swimsuit photos. Overall, she appears healthy and fit.

In the preview, Tavia disclosed she did not exercise for a long time after giving birth and pointed it was difficult to do yoga, since her bones became stiff: “After giving birth, my bones become old and stiff. Hence, it is more harder for me but I am professional and it is not a problem.” At the set, she sought advice from Rain immediately and learned it immediately.

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