Modern Dynasty (家族榮耀) drama is currently broadcasting and it receives excellent reviews. The intense family rivalry and Tavia Yeung’s (楊茜堯) brilliant acting skills become a heated discussion. As the finale was aired in Mainland China earlier, the netizens felt it was equally exciting when watching it the second time.

Lately, television producer Tommy Leung (梁家樹) disclosed he planned to produce a sequel and was currently preparing the script. Many netizens expressed they looked forward to it and it is obvious the audiences like rivalry over family assets theme. They also wished the original cast team would participate in the second season and pointed a supporting role including Mandy’s twin sister caught the attention successfully.

One of the male leads, Julian Cheung (張智霖) expressed he was willing to film the sequel depending on his schedule. As for Him Law (羅子溢) and his wife, Tavia, they did not mind as long as it was a good script but he had a small request: “I do not want to quarrel with my wife and become her enemy in the series. It will be good if we act as comrades.”

Although the finale was broadcasted, but it was an open ending such as Gallen Lo’s (羅嘉良) cameo appearance and the chances of Tavia’s survival after being stabbed in prison. She might make a glamorous comeback and take back stuff belonging to her in Mas family in the sequel.