The fifth wave of the pandemic is currently wide spreading in Hong Kong and it increased to 25,150 cases, as reported on 7th March.

Many artistes choose to stay at home and exercise at home. As for TV Queen Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), she prefers to watch drama and share photos of South Korean drama, Juvenile Justice (少年法庭) starring Kim Hye Soo (金惠秀) and another series, One Ordinary Day (某一天) starring Cha Seung Won (車勝元) and Hye Soo on Instagram. She said: “Juvenile Justice drama shows a realistic life and the production team conducts research for 4 years. It is definitely a sincere production. Hopefully more people will watch it. One Ordinary Day series is based on British television series and not a thriller theme. #brilliant acting skills #it is impressive that Seung Won does not care about his image”

Finally on the same day, Bob Lam (林盛斌) uploaded his photo sitting at the river alone and posted a message on Instagram: “Listening to this song while driving around. #let me enjoy “me time” It is a quiet street without anyone and car.”