Bob Lam (林盛斌) hosts JY2 show (人夫放假約出去滾) and invites Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) as a guest this time. He described his wife, Bowie Cheung’s (張寶兒) character and their marriage life while having hot pot together. Benjamin made a love confession to Bowie in a high profile manner: “I have found my soul mate and do not mind being the weaker party in front of her.”

After becoming the winner of Hong Kong’s Mr Hong Kong beauty contest in 2007 and participating in Strictly Come Dancing (舞動奇跡) programme, everyone perceives Benjamin is a good dancer which helps his career. At the time, he was considered an introvert, he chose to stay at home to rest: “Honestly speaking, I was not close to my colleagues and was clueless at breaking the ice, and might as well go home and sleep.”

When mentioned about Bowie, Benjamin disclosed he knew her when hosting a show together in South Africa and described her as a lively and outgoing woman: “She is a realistic person and always laughs at my jokes even if it is lame. We ask each other several questions and test the water. Bowie did not answer me when I asked her if she was willing to support me as my woman. It was quite an embarrassing situation.”

After returning to Hong Kong, both increased their understanding towards each other before becoming a couple: “She is a good woman and takes good care of me. (Why do you want to get married?) Because I do not want the history to repeat. I wanted to settle down in a low-key manner but the media somehow managed to find out. I had no choice and my career was developing well at the point. After admitting to the romance, the public questioned about showing our love in the air but it is not my fault. What do you want me to do?”

In addition, Benjamin admitted he was in a dilemma before the wedding preparations: “I heard many criticisms after announcing our marriage. I even feel I do not need to work in this sector any longer as my wife comes from a wealthy family. After dismissing the gossips, Bowie and I support each other. She is a very smart and rational woman. As a weaker party, I feel happy and comfortable to listen to my wife. In fact, I believe women make better decisions than men in certain aspects. After married, Bowie continues her on-screen appearances and involves in backend operations, so as to make a change in her career. She ponders if there is still a space for her in the company. Anyway, Bowie is married and others assume I will have an easy life because of her family background.” In conclusion, Benjamin and Bowie must support each other in order to overcome all obstacles successfully.