Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) uploaded a video of helping her eldest daughter, Kelly to apply makeup and vice-versa on her online channel. Although Kelly is small, but she has her own cosmetic set and seems to have basic skills.

In the beginning, Kelly helped her mother to apply green eye shadow and colour on her dark circles. Linda asked her: “Are you turning me into Princess Elsa in Frozen (魔雪奇緣) film? What style? Are you making me beautiful or ugly?” Despite that, she praised Kelly made her looked energetic. She also drew eyebrow and applied lipstick for Linda but there was a little mistake. Linda pointed her look resembled she was caught red-handed after eating secretly.

Finally, Linda tidied up her makeup and felt satisfied with Kelly’s skills. She said: “Kelly turns me into Princess Elsa. It is not bad and I will give her a passing mark.” Overall, Linda felt she looked better without makeup.