The fifth wave of the pandemic is getting very serious in Hong Kong and causes drastic impacts to food and wine businesses. Some businesses are even forced to shut down. Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) runs a wine bar at the Central and it does not really cause a heavy impact to her. Recently, she transforms into Key Opinion Leader (KOL), helps her friends to promote their businesses for free and hope the virus will be over soon.

Other than owing a winery in France, Bernice runs a wine bar in Hong Kong. Although it is challenging for the past 2 years due to the pandemic, but she is considered intelligent to become the first bar to open until 2am at Lan Kwai Fong last year. During the fourth wave, Bernice managed to increase her sales revenue and recoup the losses incurred around 1.5 years ago. In fact, she has a new business plan but it is delayed because of the current situation.

Bernice is active on social media and shares delicious food and wine frequently. She also uploads photos and videos to assist other food and wine businesses. Bernice disclosed she felt it was a waste when a granny told her she had to throw away the vegetables and strawberries once it was rotten at a farm. Hence, she tried to promote online and hope people with capabilities would render their assistance.